Vote NO; It’s the neighborly thing to do. Voting NO on taxes and bonds encourages our elected officials to use creative problem solving. When we vote to approve bonds and other methods of taxation, we are voting to force our neighbors to pay or risk the loss of their property.


When the Yuba County Supervisors were unable to use disputed Measure K funds, they buckled down, put their heads together and figured out how to pay for the public safety improvements they wanted without the Measure K sales tax, demonstrating that if there is a NO VOTE, officials will find a way.


The cost of a bond is double the asked amount and paid over 30+ years; a $15M bond will cost about $30M. Yuba College is already collecting four bonds and is asking for a 5th. Plumas Lake School District levied a special tax and now wants a bond; Wheatland Union High School is asking for a 2nd bond. And at current growth rates, WUHS will probably be asking for a 3rd in the next 10 years to build another school.


Voting NO will protect your neighbors’ pocketbooks, and force officials to think outside the box. Is there a donation button on any of their websites? Let’s join together and VOTE NO on ALL BONDS and TAXES, regardless of how charismatic the official, how earnest the plea, or how noble the cause. Ignore the scare tactics. Do the neighborly thing . . . VOTE NO


Johnna Bartholomew

Wheatland Ca.