by Rick Dais.


In 2009 Live Oak water well #5 was decommissioned over nitrate issues.  Eleven years later and over a million dollars in cost overruns; a replacement well #7, is nowhere near completion!  The City staff doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry.


In contrast, at 10 a.m. on January 30 this author collected some dis-incorporation papers from the local Sutter County LAFCO.  By 11:08 a.m. Live Oak City staff was already raising the alarm. Nice to know they have a pulse after all.


Why the great concern on the part of Live Oak staff?  If the dis-incorporation is approved by Live Oak citizens after a mandatory election, Live Oak City Hall and our ill-fated Live Oak City Council will disappear. Sutter County will then assume all functions carried out by the City of Live Oak. The dis-incorporation process is still in early infancy. Hopefully a lot more public debate will ensue. After all this is an election year.


Voters should note the County already provides our two main services; fire and law enforcement.  The latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report indicates Sutter County performs these two critical functions way more economically then Live Oak provides less critical services such as Parks and Recreation.


More information on the dis-incorporation proposal will be forthcoming.  I and others look forward to talking with the hard working citizens of Live Oak about this exciting development. I can be reached at (530) 844.4757