The North Yuba Water District was formed on July 22, 1952 as an independent special district.  It is a multi-county agency, as a portion of its northern boundary extends into Butte County. Yuba County's LAFCO has jurisdiction over this district. 


At this time the water district is:


One could characterize the North Yuba Water District as troubled. Not just troubled but engaging in actions of questionable legality.  The Yuba County Board of Supervisors, having jurisdiction over this troubled water district, bears the responsibility to see this district properly functions for the benefit of all of its customers.


It is not the job of the district's customers or private citizens to undertake correcting the way this water district is being mismanaged.  That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the County Supervisors.

It is this Board of Supervisor's responsibility to address and fix the troubled North Yuba Water District.


Charles Sharp

NYWD Customer

Oregon House, Ca