As an NYWD customer I am grateful that there are people asking questions on behalf of the public good, in Public Record Requests.


There are NO discussions at the public board meetings between the directors themselves. It appears that if a director had an idea, a question, or recommendation that the director must go to the G.M. for an answer in private. The ideas, recommendations, or resolutions are put on a consent calendar, not discussed in open forum.


The consent items always pass without public hearing any positive or negative discussion. If the public objects they are told they have the opportunity to question their director privately (that being within a very short time). Only 48 hours between release of board packet and public meeting.


I think Ms. Casey has a misunderstanding when she reports how easy it would be for Ms. Flohr to obtain the information all of which, she as a director is entitled). I believe that her requests for documents and information via the office staff and G.M. are unfairly denied. Therefore the requests are filed through legal means.


            Let us all remember that it was Alton Wright who lead and guided us through defeating the excessive rate increase of 2015 and is still involved.


            Please note, that I too, cost the district almost $1,600.00 in records requests for the 2019 year.


Donna Corson

Dobbins, Ca