By Richard Crist, OMD




     Will all those programs that address global warming, universal healthcare, family nutrition, affordable housing, sustainable minimum wages, affordable daycare, paid leave, job security, affordable higher education, adequate retirement, and a dignified safety net; will they lead America into socialism? Are they radical, far left, extravagant unnecessary luxuries? Or do they represent commonsense necessities that most people need, and are meant to help you live safe, healthy, and productive lives?


     The "Programs" that have been suggested to address the above needs have been labeled "Liberal," "Socialism," and "Unaffordable" By "Billionaire," "Moderate Left," and "Conservative Right" candidates that are running for President in 2020. These billionaires and their representives act like they are afraid they're going to pay for those programs. For the billionaires this maybe true.



     When you examine them you'll see that these programs are designed to help you, the working/nonworking people, to live healthy sustainable lives. And in doing so, they will help decrease the wealth gap between those who have and those who have-not, that's so blatantly huge.


     The Wealthy-Elite, who know they're entitled, they know they have the right, that they deserve everything they can get, by right of their birth and position; and they've no consciousness or thought, about perpetrating whatever they need-to-do, against whoever they need-to-do-it-to, to maintain their wealth and power over you.

     To the Wealthy-Elite this has never been "Immoral Behavior" because their "Morality" applies only to the people within their world of opulence; you and everyone outside their circle don't belong, your not real to them, your an inanimate object, an expendable cog in their infrastructure. The entire Working/NonWorking Class of people has been dehumanized by the Wealthy-Elite, for centuries, in maintaining their wealth by controlling you. 


     By you seeing how this Wealthy-Elite continuously supplement their wealth from Giant-Corporate Industry's; and seeing how these industries dehumanize you to keep those high-profits rolling in, should help you understand your situation; along with taking a snapshot look at three industry's that aren't even the worst offenders.


     BigPharma, an industry that's essential to the people they serve. They've conspired with the government to keep prescription drug prices at or above what the market will bare, reaping in unheard-of-profits.

     They've marketed opiates recklessly to the public, addicting a generation of people to drugs, for the sole purpose of high-profits.


     They have set back the research on autism forty years. Autism is diagnosed from birth to early childhood, and has gone from 1-in-10,000 in 1980 to 1-in-50 in 2020, and is supposedly still-a-mystery. Turning vaccines from a loser into a high-profit business during that same forty-year period.


     Telecom, another essential industry, has addicted the entire Nation, exposing people to excessive cell-phone radiation. Government studies have shown several cancers and many adverse health conditions that are directly connected with cell-phone use and living near cell-towers (1500'). Instead of telecom learning, trying to protect the public, and decrease exposure; without retesting, they attacked the studies, and the people who created them, continuing to raking in high-profits.


     Telecom has constantly used an obscure phrase in the 1996 Telecom Act that supposedly allow cell-tower installations regardless of the adverse medical effects to the public; continuously exposing everyone to this harmful radiation.


     Telecom has fought warning labels, with full knowledge of the science, that would alert you to the danger of cancer and other conditions, when having a cell-phone close to your body.


     When GMO's were found to cause health problems, again instead of working to protect the public, this time "BigFood" (now heavily owned by the cigarette industry) attacked the studies and the people doing them. They also fought warning labels that would alert the public and give them the choice of not purchasing GMO infected foods.


     BigFood has a bad history of fighting good nutrition with false claims that promote "high-profit process foods" over "natural foods." The "Western Diet," which was created by BigFood, maybe the unhealthiest diet in the world, with fat-free foods containing 200% more sugar than it's fat containing rivals. Diet beverages contributing to weight gain, and pizza being considered a vegetable in your child's federal school lunch program. All contributing to obesity.


          I'm not a Democrat or Republican because I believe both party leaderships main support is for wealthy "Giant-Corporate Industry's" interests. These Party leaders give us candidates that promote and perpetuate this culture that disproportionably benefits the wealthy; giving us very little in return for our vote. I also believe that these social programs are drastically needed to help bring all working/nonworking people's standard of living up to where their lives are sustainable, and for us to live our lives with dignity.


Note: Here is the condensed Google description: "The term socialism refers to any system in which the production and distribution of goods and services is a shared responsibility of a group of people. Socialism is based upon economic and political theories that advocate for collectivism. In a state of socialism, there is no privately owned property."