This is in response to your obvious prejudicial report on March, 11, 2020, regarding our Sutter County District Attorney, Ms. Amanda Hopper.


One would think if you are going to report on a person, you would get your facts straight.


My wife and I have known Amanda Hopper and her parents since she was a little girl..


She is known throughout the community as extremely religious, honest and above board, much to the chagrin of some.


You said she was intimate with Sara Easton’s husband without a shred of proof, other than your friend, who will remain anonymous at this time which is an outright lie.


You also failed to mention in your falsehood that Amanda divorced her immoral husband for all his indiscretions, with no contact afterwards.  


I would think if you are the reporter you profess to be, you owe Amanda a huge apology.



Ray Emerson

Yuba City, Ca.


Editors Note:  Both Lou and I have great respect for Amanda's parents and family and have also known them for many years. You do not have any idea of the investigation and interviews that occurred before this article was published. It is very possible that a murder occurred here that appears to be going nowhere. Justice for Sara is the issue; ignoring facts and preferential treatment is not in the best interest of Sara. Until this issue is resolved legally  there will be a cloud over Amanda's head.


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