With 4.6 million restoration project for water shed forest management for north Yuba; even with a “forest resilience bond” developed by blue forest

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Recently there was a propane leak in challenge. The residents received a code red phone call to evacuate. The propane tanks are quite large and have

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by Charlie McNiff The caravanS... that’s plural, folks, with a capital “S”...coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador primarily, has ballooned

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Nail the Bad Guys by Arming the Border Patrol with Snare Guns!! The Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Geronimo Gutierrez, commented to Laura

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You can still get your Territorial Dispatch at Whitehorse Ranch and Feed. Where we still believe in the 1st Amendment and back it up with the 2nd. A.L.

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As you are reading this, voting in the mid-terms are only a few days away. You will be taking part in one of the most important elections that has

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People ask me if I have been following the news. My reply: I would get more news from the Cartoon Network than major news outlets. It is funnier,

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The operation at the California Department of Motor Vehicles is ridiculous. The wait times are very excessive and the procedures are stone age. How

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By now you have heard that Starbucks Coffee has opened in Williams. This new store adds to the City’s array of stores geared for travelers. However


We can’t have the Hard Left in positions of power to use Mob Rule to dictate ruinous socialistic policies on the people of this country. Just imagine

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The question is, will Dr. Padgett-Flohr, contender for a position on the North Yuba Water District Board, vote to take water away from existing users?

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As I pass Alton Wright’s campaign signs for Yuba Co. 5th district supervisor, I read the statements, integrity, conflict free, fresh, fair, change, and for the people. I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words.

One of the statements that really puzzle me is, “conflict free.” Really Alton!

Over the past few months I’ve heard stories about the conflicts you have created. It seems most of these conflicts were with older women, but there have been men also.

I guess you don’t consider a conflict to be verbal attacks, intimidation, lawsuits and threats of lawsuits. What about threatening a person that if the sign you put on private property came down, they would be held responsible. After which you allegedly sped up and down the street in front of their house, shouting out your car window, “this is a democracy”. I wish you would remember that this is a democracy when you set at home on your computer harassing and intimidating people for their thoughts or statements. Again, is this fair? What people are you for? Let’s see your integrity.

This is a predominately conservative community where people raise their children and grandchildren, go to church on Sunday and do their best to instill proper moral values in their families. We need a supervisor who listens to our needs and concerns, not spending all his time critizing others. Your web sites is full of what your competition says, does, doesn't have right or wrong. No bullying, we want solutions.

Most of us came here to escape big city life and politics and don’t welcome the change that you Mr. Wrong would bring.

Folks before you mail in your ballots, or allow someone to take them in, you need to hear the rest of the story. There is only one sane choice in this race.

Only one who has integrity, proven leadership skills and is conflict free, and cares about all of our futures. He isn’t Mr. Wright who is so wrong about everything.

Stay tune for the rest of the story!

Kyle Masonstone

Olivehurst, Ca.